rebooking flights in cebu pacific

in my previous post, i mentioned that i had to correct my name in our singapore flight.  our flight which we have booked via the 10-10-10 promo was scheduled on the last week of march.  when we booked the flight, we were not able to consider my brother’s graduation.  😦  and yes, you guessed right!  to my surprise, the tentative graduation date coincides with our sg trip.

i called cebu pacific’s hotline (702-0888) right away to check whether it was possible for me to reschedule the flight.  i was worried that they would not allow us to reschedule because we bought the tickets on sale.  so when i got confirmation that it was possible, i was so relieved.

i think cebu pacific allows you to reschedule your flight as long as it’s still within 24 hours from your scheduled departure.  i remember my officemate who was supposed to go to thailand (at the time when the country was in political turmoil) but called cebu pac less than 24 hours from their departure and they were not allowed to resched their flight.  no refund was granted as well.

when i decided to rebook the flight, i was ready to shoulder the costs.  however, i was still surprised when i found out how much it costs!  haha.  the rebooking fee is 1,500 per route per person.  meaning if you’re rebooking a roundtrip flight for 2 people, that would cost you a whopping 6,000 pesos.

it turned out that we weren’t able to avail of the promo after all.  haha!


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